"The child is the father of the man."

-William Wordsworth, "The Rainbow"

The Wild Man Project is on Hiatus

Dear friends of The Wild Man Project,

I have been serving men in my community and around the world for nine years now. It has been at times an honour, and at times a great struggle. Over the last three, I have been silent on my website, running my business only for a very select few special clients. I have been flattered and amazed that people still read my work so frequently.

Due to massive changes in my life, I find myself at a point where I would like to start over with my coaching and my business. To bring a different kind of service. And to start over with my message. My understanding of what it is to be a man has changed a lot over the years. Nothing has been quite as transformative as becoming a father. I believe there is a lot of value still to be had in my old work, but I believe I could say it all better, with greater wisdom, and unurden it of a lot of my old baggage.

Recently, a massive technical failure beyond my ken to fix has forced me to shut down all wordpress installations on my website. It has been the perfect opportunity to put my old material away, so that I can start with something fresh and new. You can expect new content from me soon, as an older, wiser man. And it will be linked to you here.

In the meantime, if you wish to contact me, you can still do so by email. I am always happy to talk to my fellow travellers.

With respect and gratitude,

Brian Rideout