March Break

"Children Plying Hide and Seek" by Lenka Fortena

It is March Break at the local school district. While my son is too young to be taking a day off of school, my wife is a school teacher, and so she is able to take some time off and enjoy our company. March Break is a great opportunity to go out and have some adventures, or spend time around other kids.

This is our chance to bank some great positive interactions with out kids as a family.

In fact it is such a great opportunity, that if you can make the time to work a little less and play a litte more, this is the time to make it happen! You might have to play a little catch-up next week, but you will not regret giving your kids a chance to get out and have some fun, rather than having them sit around the house watching videos or just hanging around all day. In the process you will set an example about using your time to make experiences rather than just passing it.

We just had my son’s favourite “cousin” over to play velcro darts, wrestling, and paper airplane throwing. It was a great chance for my son to work on to playing nicely with another child, to get some hugs, and to share favourite toys while we caught up with a good friend over coffee. Our son was abe to amaze us with how happy he was to let other people play with his favourite things.

  • If you are racking your head for great March Break adventures, here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Get out to a park even if it is a little cooler, give your kid a chnce to run around.
  • Find a board game cafe and learn a new game together.
  • Get messy with finger paints, play-dough, or construction paper, glue, and scissors
  • Hit the dollar store and find a great outdoor toy like a frisbee, kite, or boomerang that lets you use some wide-open spaces.
  • Check out an indoor playground.

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