Don’t Wait

"Video Game Controller" by VanDulti

Last week, my web hosting service decided that they were going to migrate my webspace, including all of my blogs, business websites, and personal projects to new server hardware. As a result, there was a period of time where any change I made to my website might disappear in whole or in part. Meaning that any change I made could damage or corrupt my whole site.

I did not get much notice from my hosting service. And the notice I did get was while I was in the middle of celebrating Easter with my family. I didn’t have the time to put a bunch of well-written articles in the can to pre-publish. This meant no blog entries for the better part a week [Edit: Eight days, in fact!]. Which I could deal with. I am still in pre-launch for my business at this point. But it was more than a little frustrating.

Frustration is a funny mood. It can override your most mature impulses and encourage you to engage in petty, grouchy, childish behaviour. Frustration invites all sorts of little gremlins to start whispering in your ear.

In my case, the Little Sloth on my Shoulder, for example, said “Hey, forced vacation! Time to save Skyrim for the seventh time!”

The Little Sloth loves it when we have to wait for things. It loves it when you are frustrated because something is taking way more time than it should. It is very good at convincing you that because you can’t do the work that you expected until someone else straightens things out, you don’t have to work: you just have to wait.

This is, of course, absurd. Nobody who is halfway organized or prepared ever has to wait to get work done. There is always something you can think of to do. Whether that is research, organization, honing skills, cleaning up your workspace, cleaning up your cloud drive, reorganizing your mobile office, or getting other work done ahead of schedule.

Never wait. When you have put aside time to work, find work to do.

Listening to the sloth would have been so easy, and the new edition of Skyrim is gorgeous. But that would not be showing my work the respect it deserves nor feeding the positive attitude that will help me succeed.

And so, instead, I have been writing articles for next week, and the week after using Google Docs, so that when I finally have access to my webspace again, I will be ahead of the game.

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